Memorable Holiday Gift Ideas for Corporate Clients, Leads, And Everyone In Between

by / ⠀NatureBox How-tos Office Snacks / November 11, 2021
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With the current global supply chain disruptions, this means longer-than-normal shipping times for everything from your favorite cereal to the best holiday gifts of the season.  It’s no surprise then that a recent survey conducted by Piplsay found about one-quarter of U.S. consumers have already started their holiday shopping. The…

Stock Your Office Kitchen With These 11 Essentials: Healthy Office Snacks For A Productive Team

by / ⠀NatureBox Employee Engagement Happy Hacks How-tos Office culture Office Snacks Wellness / August 18, 2021
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As many of us find ourselves back in the office after an eventful year, even small things can improve your employee’s experience. Since employee’s no longer have access to the fresh lunches and healthy snack options they had at home, now’s the time to get creative with the kitchen items…

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