10 Smart Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

by / ⠀NatureBox Snack Ideas / July 14, 2015

Traveling overseas or driving cross-country this summer? Keep travel germs and unwanted hanger attacks at bay with these simple tips for staying healthy while you are on the road this summer.

Before your trip:

  1. Boost up your immune system by stocking up on vitamins before you go. Make sure you have enough to take with you on your trip!
  2. Throw hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes into your carry-on to fight off those evil germs in an instant. 

Plane or Train:

  1. Take bathroom breaks! Get up and walk around periodically (especially on long flights) to increase circulation.
  2. Remember to stay hydrated. Avoid soda and other sodium packed beverages and stick to water throughout the flight.
  3. Don’t forget to pack your favorite NatureBox snacks and fresh fruits and veggies to refuel you throughout the day.

Road Trip: 

  1. Avoid the gas station junk and stock your car with healthy foods. Pack a cooler with fruits, veggies, yogurt and prepared homemade sandwiches along with your favorite NatureBox snacks.
  2. For those extra long trips, be sure to take a few breaks! When you stop for gas and/or food, take a short walk to get some activity into your day.

Some great NatureBox options include:

During the Trip: 

  1. Even though it’s a vacation, remember to stay active. Explore a new city by foot or use the hotel fitness center. 
  2. Stock the mini fridge with healthy snacks and breakfast foods.
  3. Make sure to get enough sleep and drink lots of water.

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