5 Things To Read This Weekend

by / ⠀NatureBox / June 7, 2013

Can’t get enough food and eating tips? Check out these links to feed your brain:

How do you put out a stovetop fire? Here’s a hint: Don’t reach for a cup of water or sink sprayer, especially in the case of a grease fire. [Food Republic]

A new study has found that 8 ounces of water plus caffeine was about the same as having water plus 5-hour Energy, if the quantities were the same amount of caffeine per pound. Are these energy drinks really just caffeinated water? [The Daily Meal]

A fun take on M&Ms colors in the 1980s: brown, green, yellow, orange and tan. [BuzzFeed]

New York City restaurant Sushi Yasuda becomes one of the latest in the few U.S. restaurants that doesn’t accept tips. [The Huffington Post]

Going on a picnic or an outdoor party? Stay bug-free with 10 handy-dandy tips. Hint: add some citrus peels to the top of your picnic basket! [Part-Time Nanny]

Photo by State Farm via Flickr

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