Hybrid Employees Are Reaching For These 6 Foods To Stay Focused At Home and In The Office

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You want your hybrid employees to feel and do their best at work, whether they’re in-office or clock in remotely. What if there were snacks that helped them do both?

There are, and lots of them!

From specific ingredients to whole foods that boost a wide variety of benefits – like improved concentration, enhanced memory, cognitive support, and healthier sleep patterns – there’s a snack for that.

The problem is availability. If your employees walk into the office kitchen looking for a snack to fill them up and help them focus, they’re going to walk away unsatisfied when all they see are bags of Doritos or boxes of cereal.

Your team deserves better than that. Make the smart choice by stocking your office kitchen with functional foods that don’t sacrifice on flavor. And for your employees working from home, give them the option to get a healthy custom snack box sent straight to their front door!

If you want to provide powerful snacks and beverages that work to boost brain health, improve focus, and keep your employees feeling and doing their best, the following list is a great place to start.


1. Nuts, naturally

Nuts, specifically walnuts, have shown to improve memory and cognitive performance. Your team can stay sharp by snacking on a handful, which also includes a healthy dose of protein and good for you fats.

Another great way to boost brain power is with snack mixes. Be sure to choose one that includes both nuts and pumpkin seeds (another ingredient to improve brain health) if you really want everyone to reap the benefits.


2. Delicious dark chocolate 

Now that you know nuts are delicious and nutritious. So what happens when you combine dark chocolate and almonds? You get double the fun and functional benefits!

Sometimes, you want a snack to do more than just fill you up. When you want something tasty that also contains compounds that protect your brain, dig out the dark chocolate.

Healthy snacks can help your employees stay focused, no matter where they’re working. But did you know certain beverages can as well? Let’s talk about two in particular.


3. Coffee for concentration

The caffeine in coffee – in doses up to approximately 300 mg – enhances a wide array of basic cognitive functions with minimal side effects

What does that mean? Drinking a few cups a day can increase alertness, help concentration, and improve focus. Plus, it tastes delicious, especially when it’s organic, single-origin, or roasted to order like NatureBox’s coffee offerings.

But what about if your employees need an afternoon pick-me-up that’s not coffee? We have something in mind.


4. Maca magic

Maca is a great alternative with similar brain-boosting benefits. Not quite a “snack,” but definitely an ingredient that offers a much-needed boost for your employees putting in long hours or working with kids in the home.

It’s no surprise that a superfood like maca boasts benefits such as:

  • Cognitive support
  • Stress relief
  • Improved memory and learning
  • Mood booster

Anything that contains adaptogens is going to be great for your mind and body. This goes for our next ingredient too.


5. Tasty turmeric

If you care about leading by example when it comes to health and wellness, turmeric is one of the best adaptogenic ingredients to add to your diet (and to snacks in the office kitchen).

The turmeric plant is versatile, functional, and is being studied for use in modern medicine. It helps aid memory, regulates cortisol, and can help prevent cognitive decline from dementia due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

For a quick, popable snack, we suggest supplying turmeric black pepper popcorn during the next team meeting to aid in memory and retention.

Want to give your employees a snack that boasts even more benefits for their brain? A more overarching adaptogen could be what you’re looking for.


6. All-in-one ashwagandha

Ashwagandha helps to keep cortisol (the stress hormone) low. It’s also known to:

  • Enhance memory
  • Offer brain and cognitive support
  • Aid in healthier sleep patterns

The best part? NatureBox has delicious protein bars packed with ashwagandha, perfect for a midday pick-me-up. Choose from a variety pack or decide between three mouthwatering flavors to send to your remote employees and keep in the office kitchen.


Want to stock up on snacks for your employees that don’t sacrifice flavor for functional benefits? Head over to https://naturebox.com/products/m-wellness-snacks 

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