Vacation At Home…With Kids

by / ⠀Happy Hacks / July 22, 2020

Staycation with kids

It’s safe to say that summer vacation 2020 is set to look a lot different than previous years. One of the differences that sticks out the most? Having to manage a staycation this year with kids.

It’s no secret the lines are blurred between work and home, now more than ever. And if you have kids? That line will continue to blur throughout the summer as you work from your home office with a full house. 

No playdates. No summer camps. No childcare.

The new routine coupled with much more time together than we’re all used to is a recipe for burnout. We could all use some deeper wellness practices and ideas for how to have a fun-filled summer staycation with kids while you’re still working from home. Here are some of ours.

FOR YOU: Ideas to prevent parental burnout

Wellness is important for everyone, but wellness as a parent? It’s vital. A recent survey from the American Psychological Association found that 46% of parents with children under 18 said their stress level was high. In a second survey from the APA, 60% said they “have no idea how they are going to keep their child occupied all summer.” We have some ideas for you.

Parental burnout is not a new phenomenon, but it is certainly gaining traction since March 2020. Moreover, it’s the most vulnerable – low-income and BIPOC parents – who experience the brunt of burnout. If you’re looking for new ways to ease your stress and prevent parental burnout from ever happening, look no further.

Journal on the positives

Try journaling about something you did that day or week as a parent that made you feel good. Forcing your brain to think about some of the positives, no matter how small they are, can help with burnout.

Give yourself grace

Being a parent is tough. Add a global pandemic, civil rights movement, and complete change in your work schedule on top of that? It’s a recipe for stress and anxiety. Have compassion for yourself if you haven’t been as productive or motivated as usual. Life isn’t usual right now.

Nourish yourself

Wellness starts with what you put in your body. Luckily, NatureBox has adaptogenic snacks designed to reduce symptoms of fatigue, stress, or anxiety – something we’re all feeling more of these days. Instead of a salty chip or sugary cookie, snack on something that provides functional benefits which make you feel good on the inside. 

FOR YOUR KIDS: Summer activity ideas

Speaking of inside… We’ve been spending a lot of time together at home. Now with summer here, it’s time to switch things up! Here are a few suggestions to keep your kids entertained that doesn’t require you to leave your front yard.

Cook up a cultural experience

COVID-19 has effectively canceled international travel for the foreseeable future. But there’s no reason you can’t bring the culture to you! Had a trip to France planned? Throw together a delicious charcuterie board of kid-friendly cheeses, fruits, nuts, and bread complete with Bossa Nova in the background to set the ambience instead. When mealtime is getting monotonous, this is an excellent alternative to spice things up.

Pretend as if

If your annual beach vacation is canceled, there’s still a way to bring the beach to you – by setting the scene yourself! Grab a kiddie pool and a sandbox and pull out those boogie boards. Just be sure to get yourself a nice set-up to watch over the summer shenanigans, complete with a lounge chair, umbrella, and your favorite beach read. Ahhhh yes…

Virtual classes and programs

Despite many brick-and-mortar businesses, camps, and events being closed this summer, the Internet is thriving. Try a virtual workout for kids and teens they can do with you or on their own to mix up the monotony. Schedule it into your week for added structure. 

As we settle into our new normal, finding new ways to mix things up while staying healthy and well is a top priority. Vacationing at home should feel relaxing, not add to your workload. Try these tips for your next staycation with your kids and be sure to take care!

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