Memorable Holiday Gift Ideas for Corporate Clients, Leads, And Everyone In Between

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With the current global supply chain disruptions, this means longer-than-normal shipping times for everything from your favorite cereal to the best holiday gifts of the season. 

It’s no surprise then that a recent survey conducted by Piplsay found about one-quarter of U.S. consumers have already started their holiday shopping. The primary motivations for beginning early this year? Supply and cost-related concerns.

Want to get a head-start buying presents for your clients, employees, or friends this year? Here’s a useful guide to streamline your shopping and make sure each gift is as special as those who receive it.


Personalized gifts for your current clients

Many companies are transitioning back to the office in Q4. This means gifts for the hybrid office is a solid answer to the question, “What do I get my clients this year?”

Enter: Personalized snack packages or curated snack boxes you can send to their office or their remote employees’ doorstep. They are a great way to strengthen the relationship you already have with your corporate clients.


Persuasive gifts for your leads

Mini succulents and company swag are popular corporate gifting items for a reason, but they won’t help you stand out from the crowd.

High-quality, thoughtful, and personalized gifts cut through the noise and can encourage your cold lead to take action. Additional benefits include:

  • Improved brand awareness
  • Better brand image and reputation
  • Higher client loyalty
  • More leads
  • Increased sales
  • Stronger relationships


Practical gifts for your prospects

The best holiday gifts for your prospects are ones that keep your company top-of-mind.

The days where you wine and dine each prospect may be over, but you can still treat them to a unique gift that helps you win their business. Find a present they will use over and over again – like a portable charger. Or choose something you know they’ll love (and get on time) – like an e-gift card to their favorite retailer!


Memorable gifts for your associates

When it comes to finding a gift for your business associates – think lawyers, accountants, IT contractors, billing companies, cloud storage services, email encryption services, web hosts, etc. – consider something that strengthens the existing relationship you have with them.

Skip the stuffy corporate swag and opt for items that surprise and delight. Greetabl has a great collection of business gifts to choose from so you can find something for everyone.


Interesting gifts for your independent contractors

If you work with independent contractors, don’t forget about them this holiday season! Show how much you appreciate their dedication to your company with a simple reminder that they’re a valued part of your team.

Whether you choose a physical book or a piece of tech, you can’t go wrong with a product made for freelancers, by freelancers.


Customized gifts for your employees

Employee gifting can be surprisingly fun and stress-free, especially if you know the members of your team well. Are they always buying the latest wearables or on the hunt for aesthetically-pleasing self care items? Pinch Provisions has highly curated kits that makes choosing a present they’ll appreciate that much easier. 

Another more personal option is to donate to a charity of their choice. It’s a meaningful gesture with benefits that last well beyond the holiday season.


Fun gifts for your friends

If you’re still searching for the perfect present for that special someone in your life, Giftology is a great place to start. You can browse by occasion, person, or interest to find a unique item you know they’ll love.

Or if one of your friends has a four-legged friend at home, a BarkBox subscription is a fun way to spoil both them and their beloved pet. 


Thoughtful gifts for your family

Do your relatives live miles apart from each other? Do you want to stay connected no matter how far away you are? A Skylight Frame is a perfect present designed to bring everyone closer together. 


Remember, you can see up to a 200% ROI when you integrate gifting into your marketing strategy. Just make sure you choose high-quality, thoughtful, and memorable gifts to cut through the noise. And don’t forget to treat those closest to you… the ROI may not be monetary, but you can’t go wrong buying a present for those you love most.

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