How To Freshen The Kitchen Sink

by / ⠀How-tos / June 30, 2013

Need a way to banish that icky, stale-food smell of the garbage disposal? Simply run a chunk of lemon – or any citrus – rind through it for a fresh scent! Plus, check out more reasons why we love lemons! Get more healthy ideas and delicious snacks by joining NatureBox. Sign…

How To Make Grill Marks

by / ⠀How-tos / June 11, 2013

You don’t need to be a restaurant chef to create those perfect grill marks on chicken breasts or filet mignons! All you need to remember is the “10 and 2” rule. Read on to learn how to mark your foods on the grill in three easy steps. 1. Place your food…

How To Store Fresh Herbs

by / ⠀How-tos / June 6, 2013

I’ve found that one of the toughest things to deal with in the kitchen is food storage, especially with regards to extra ingredients. More often than not, my enthusiasm gets the best of me and I end up buying more than I need. And it’s usually fresh herbs.  Eventually, I…

3-Step How-To: Chiffonade

by / ⠀How-tos / May 14, 2013

Chiffonade (pronounced shi-fə-nād or “SHIFF-uh-nod”) is a French culinary technique in which fresh leaves of herbs or vegetables are sliced into thin strips. In fact, “chiffon” is French for “little rag”, which is what the strips end up looking like. The technique is a pretty, delicate way to handle fresh herbs…

5 Tips for a Fuss-Free Picnic

by / ⠀How-tos / May 10, 2013

by Amanda Natividad, NatureBox Editor What are your plans for the weekend? Since we’re well into spring, we’ve got picnics on the brain! Toss your favorite NatureBox snacks, some sandwiches and salads into a basket and head to your favorite scenic spot! Bonus points if you’re able to make a…

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