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by / ⠀NatureBox Party foods Snack Ideas / June 17, 2015

With over 100 different snacks to choose from, we’ve got plenty of options for you. But, have you ever thought about mixing our snacks together? Check out some of our favorite snacks re-mixed and tell us your snack mix ideas in the comments below! Our ever popular sweet and tart Big Island Pineapple meets…

3-Step Recipe: Caramelized Onion Quinoa-Stuffed Mushrooms

by / ⠀NatureBox Party foods Recipes Side dishes Snack Ideas / April 28, 2015

These Caramelized Onion and Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms make for a great party appetizer. Whether you’re hosting a Kentucky Derby party or watching the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, you can’t go wrong with these delicious tiny bites! Makes: 10 stuffed mushroomsPrep Time: 15 minutesCook Time: 25 minutes Ingredients: 1/4 cup quinoa 1 tablespoon extra…

3-Step Recipe: Asian Chicken Quinoa Salad in Orange Cups

by / ⠀Happy Hacks NatureBox Party foods Salads Side dishes / April 9, 2015

Try this new twist on Asian Chicken Salad by adding quinoa and using emptied orange halves as cups. These salad cups can be served as appetizers or side dishes for your next barbecue! Serves: 6 (2 orange cups per serving)Prep Time: 25 minutesCook Time: 20 minutes Ingredients: 1/2 cup quinoa 6 Valencia oranges 2 tablespoons…

Sleepover Snacks

by / ⠀Desserts NatureBox Party foods Snack Ideas / March 19, 2015

Sleepovers not at all about sleep, but all about the snacks. Serving simple, but creative snacks make it fun for everyone (even the parents!). Mix things up by serving a variety of salty and sweet.  One of my faves? NatureBox Mini Belgian Waffles topped with a small dollop of whipped cream and a blackberry. They’re…

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