Snack Ideas

Poolside Snacks

by / ⠀NatureBox Snack Ideas / June 25, 2015

Summertime and the livin’ is easy, right? So, fill up a tray with some yummy treats and take it poolside for an easy snack. My kids hang out in the pool all day long during the summer months. It’s already around 100 degrees here, so it’s almost a necessity. My main…

Snack Mixes

by / ⠀NatureBox Party foods Snack Ideas / June 17, 2015

With over 100 different snacks to choose from, we’ve got plenty of options for you. But, have you ever thought about mixing our snacks together? Check out some of our favorite snacks re-mixed and tell us your snack mix ideas in the comments below! Our ever popular sweet and tart Big Island Pineapple meets…

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