Easter Themed Lunch Box

by / ⠀Happy Hacks Holiday NatureBox Snack Ideas / April 2, 2015

Around this time of the year, we all seem to have a few plastic eggs floating around.  This spring-themed lunch is much easier than it looks.  Just wash your plastic eggs and fill. Until your kids crack those eggs, they won’t know what they’ll be having! 

Inside of our eggs are blueberries, carrots, and NatureBox Strawberry Carrot Fruit Chews. I also included NatureBox Sweet Blueberry Almonds since they look like little eggs, too! I attached a marshmallow tail with nut butter. The bunny sandwich was made with a cookie cutter. The bunny’s eye was made from a little piece of the fruit chews that I balled up and stuck on the bunny.

Are you ready for Peter Cottontail?

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Kristi Dominguez is a former event planner and part-time graphic designer. She blogs at IShouldBeMoppingTheFloor.com where she tackles projects to turn her cookie-cutter home into something more exciting. A lot more exciting.

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