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by / ⠀NatureBox / May 18, 2012

How Do You De-Stress?
by NatureBox Health Contributor Lana House, Pilates Instructor



We’ve been talking a lot this month about how food makes you feel- but we know that there is a lot more to how you feel than just the foods that you eat. Without getting too medical or scientific, we think that Friday is a perfect time to stop and reflect on the importance of finding whatever it is that helps you de-stress and unwind. For NatureBox Health Contributor, it’s golf! We were surprised to hear that for Lana, she found her relaxation and escape in golf, despite being a passionate Pilates Instructor. With a newborn baby boy at home, we hope that Lana is getting the chance to play a little golf this weekend!


My husband has always been a golfer and has wanted me to give it a try ever since we first met. So, after our first year of marriage, I finally decided I was ready. And I fell in love with it. Golf has become a true joy in my life! I take weekly lessons and try to practice once or twice a week at the driving range. And the crazy part is, I don’t do it for my husband!

Here is why I love golf: it is something new for me that requires a lot of focus and concentration and that I can continue to play and be challenged by my entire life! I love the feeling of being a student again, constantly being humbled by the sport. I love that I can see my progress but there is still so much to learn so it feeds my competitive nature and my drive (no pun intended). And most importantly, I find it relaxing and de-stressing.

In order to maintain a truly healthy life, I believe we should all continue to grow, try new things, and be humbled every once in a while. It is important to challenge our brains and our bodies and most importantly, to find ways to de-stress. More and more research is being done to prove that stress is the WORST thing we can do to ourselves– and yet, it is so abstract and difficult for us to pinpoint within us! I have been really trying to become more conscious about when I am stressed and how to spot it when it shows its ugly face. I have noticed that when I am stressed, I get short-tempered. I sometimes cry. My mind is moving a mile a minute.

If you can’t pinpoint what or when you are stressed, don’t assume that you are not. We live in a stressful world with stress everywhere around us. Find something to help you de-stress that you enjoy and that challenges you: try yoga, take up a new hobby such as knitting or photography, cooking, or pick up a new instrument!

Whatever it is, find YOUR golf! 

Lana House is the studio owner of House Pilates in Pacific Palisades. She has dedicated the past decade to pursuing her passion in fitness and wellness learning all she can about nutrition and exercise and leading a healthy, balanced life. She shares her knowledge through her work and the writing of her blog, House of Health.

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Tell us- what’s your golf? And are you going to do something this weekend to help you unwind and de-stress? 

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