5 Foods To Boost Your Health Without Sacrificing Taste

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It’s 6 AM. You’re up bright and early, ready to start your week out on the right foot. The next hour is blocked off in your calendar for your morning run. You eye a mouth-watering muffin sitting on your counter for a moment before reluctantly grabbing an apple on your way out the door. You have a busy week ahead and know you’ll need to be intentional about eating food that helps you combat stress and gives you the energy to tackle your to-do’s.

Sound familiar?

Often, the term “healthy food” seems to invoke vivid memories of those mini boxes of raisins or the pile of green mush your parents would throw on your plate and tell you to eat as a kid. We know it’s good for us, but it’s just so… boring!

Not with NatureBox.

A balanced diet doesn’t have to be tasteless or restrictive. It’s time to stop sacrificing function for flavor. You can have both – a delicious snack that also supports a strong mind and body. Skip the preservative-filled bags of air and fuel yourself with great-tasting food that’s good for you too.

Trying to find a snack that improves your memory?

To help you prepare for your busy week ahead, you’re going to need to keep your brain sharp. One way to do that? Eat real foods.


Biting into a naturally sweet piece of dried pineapple is like soaking in a slice of the tropics. What’s better than that? How about finding out that pineapple has the ability to improve learning and memory.

NatureBox’s Big Island Pineapple is tangy and sweet, which makes it a great substitution for gummies. With everything we have on our plates right now – working from home with a packed house, balancing family schedules, kids attending school virtually – memory-boosting foods are exactly what we all need right now.


If you’re looking for a more decadent snack, be sure to try our Banana Maca Energy Bites. Maca is a superfood adaptogen that is commonly known to aid with memory. Coupled with the many benefits bananas provide for your brain, it’s a winning combination.

Protein bar with maca

If you want a snack that’s more exciting than a red delicious apple to munch on in the morning, try one of our new protein bars with adaptogens, like the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor with maca. 

Another adaptogen known to enhance memory? Ashwagandha. Lucky for you, you don’t have to travel to India to find it. You can get the amazing benefits of this herb from our Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip protein bar. Delicious and nutritious.

Searching for a snack to boost your immunity?

Speaking of nutritious, it’s time to talk about what snacks can help support your immune system before a busy week. 

A healthy diet contributes to a stronger immune system, which helps fight off disease and sickness. Eating real, whole foods ensures you have sufficient levels of vitamins, minerals, and protein that make you less susceptible to chronic health conditions.


Naturally tangy and sweet, mango is low in calories yet high in nutrients like vitamin C, which aids immunity, iron absorption, growth, and repair. If you’re craving convenience but don’t want to sacrifice on flavor, our Dried Mango is for you. 

Want a snack with a bit more spice? Try our delicious dried Chile Mango, dusted with chile and hibiscus.

Trail Mix

If you’re still pulling out that greasy bag of chips after lunch, it’s time to switch up your snacking with our Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix. It’s a winning combination of ingredients like fruits, nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate that boost immunity on their own but are even better served together. Those salty chips could never.

Protein bar with ashwagandha

What’s salty but actually helps to strengthen your immune system? NatureBox’s new Sea Salt Brownie protein bars with ashwagandha. Change the way you snack with a protein bar that tastes great with simple ingredients you can pronounce! 

What makes this snack so special? Ashwagandha. The benefits of the plant are numerous – it helps promote a youthful state of physical and mental health and increases longevity for the middle-aged and elderly. It also supports healthy stress levels, is anti-inflammatory, and offers brain and cognitive support. 

Great tasting and good for you. That’s how NatureBox is changing snacking. Looking for more tasty treats that don’t sacrifice flavor for functional benefits? Head over to https://naturebox.com/

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