Getting Creative With Veggies

by / ⠀NatureBox / March 28, 2012

A guest post by NatureBox Health Contributor Lana House

We’ve been hearing our community sing praises about the Sunshine Chips that were in this month’s NatureBox. But we know that you can’t only eat your veggies as chips and we of course emphasis how important it is to eat vegetables in their whole food form as well. Today’s guest post is by Lana House, a pilates instructor, on how she gets in more vegetables each day.



Ever since I was a teenager, I have been one of the lucky people who have truly loved veggies. Perhaps part of it was that I knew they were good for me so I wanted to like them but regardless, it has never been a chore to get my fill of vegetables. But I know that is not the case for many people, especially children! About two weeks after I found out I was pregnant, my love affair with vegetables had quickly turned into a nasty relationship where I could barely even look them in the eye. Being well aware of the importance of eating plenty of vegetables daily, especially while pregnant, I quickly learned that I would have to find creative ways to get them into my meals.

Most of us are aware of how important it is to eat plenty of vegetables daily. The USDA’s new food plate suggests that we eat at least five servings a day. Fruits and veggies should make up half the plate! Take a look:



So if you are anything like me these past eight months and don’t like eating veggies, or have family members that won’t eat enough of them, here are some of the ways I have incorporated them into my diet without feeling like I want to gag every time I eat them:

  •  Fresh veggie juices with a little fruit (mask the greens with a little apple or orange!) – select veggie juices with no added sugar (other than the fruit)
  • Veggie sandwiches. Make vegetables the star player in your sandwiches by loading up on all your favorite goodies first (carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, spinach, sprouts, etc) then add some deli meat and/or a little cheese, your favorite condiments, and yummy whole grain bread, you’ll have a delicious veggie filled meal!
  • Raw veggies and dressing for snacks. My favorites are jicama, cherry tomatoes, carrots and red, yellow, and orange bell peppers with hummus, salsa, or creamy blue cheese or ranch dressing (try to find ones that are less-processed with fewer ingredients) 

Don’t just save vegetables for dinnertime- breakfast, lunch, and snack time all offer great opportunities to get in your daily recommended servings of vegetables.

Lana House is the studio owner of House Pilates in Pacific Palisades. She has dedicated the past decade to pursuing her passion in fitness and wellness learning all she can about nutrition and exercise and leading a healthy, balanced life. She shares her knowledge through her work and the writing of her blog, House of Health.

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