Gotta Love… Pumpkins

by / ⠀Ingredient Spotlights / October 3, 2013


Pumpkins are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Rich in vitamins A and beta-carotene, pumpkins are also low in saturated fat and very low in cholesterol and sodium. Also, about a half-cup serving provides you with your Daily Value of vitamin A. 

They can be served sweet or savory. Everyone loves a sweet and smooth pumpkin pie! To change it up a little, try adding pumpkin to smoothies and cakes. Better yet, cook up a savory take by stirring chopped pumpkin into soups or pressing the puree into quesadillas.

They’re fun! Carving a pumpkin may not be the easiest task but what else can put you in the autumn mood better? Plus, scooping out the seeds and flesh makes for a delightfully messy stress reliever!

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