4 Ideas For a Spooky (And Safe) Halloween This Year

by / ⠀Happy Hacks / October 22, 2020

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October 31 is fast approaching… What are your Halloween plans? Last year, you were probably taking your kids to go trick-or-treating (or trunk-or-treating, does anyone remember that?) with a group of your neighborhood or close family friends. This year? Not likely.

Halloween is going to look a little different than normal. It’s no surprise though given the state of the world right now, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a scary amount of fun while also staying safe. While there are plenty of ideas for how to kick off your shoes and turn up the screams, you can find 3 of our favorites below.

Terrifyingly intricate pumpkin carvings

If you’re staying in rather than trick-or-treating, you’ll have extra time to spend carving the world’s most intricate pumpkin. Whether you’re team spooky cat or scary ghost, you’ll have a blast choosing between all the designs… and even more fun attempting to carve it properly.

Need some stencils so your kids have a chance too? HGTV has you covered.

Halloween “scare” mix

Think of this as the spooky version of the traditional trail mix. Don’t want to make the bulk of it yourself? Try any of NatureBox’s snack mixes and throw in some marshmallow ghosts and candy corn (if you like that kind of thing). 

Want to make your own? Start by adding chocolate chips to some of NatureBox snacks like White Cheddar Caramel Popcorn and Salted Honey Butter Pretzels – a delicious and nutritious alternative.=

Bonus: Toast those leftover seeds from the pumpkin you just carved to add to your “scare” mix for a tasty fall treat!

Costume fashion show

Just because you’re not going out this year doesn’t mean you should let your kids’ costumes go to waste! Set up a runway down a hallway and make sure to have the paparazzi at the end to snap their photos. The most creative costume and pose wins a prize!

This is a great way to get in the Halloween spirit without leaving your house. Also, think of all the Facebook photos you’ll have to share with friends and family. 

Ghoulish games

Down for a little fun and games? Get your kid’s extra energy (read: sugar rush) out with some family-friendly competition! Those mini pumpkins you see in the $1 spot at Target? Transform them into game pieces for Pumpkin Checkers.

All of those scary decorations in your home? Put them to good use by doing a Halloween Scavenger Hunt! You’ll have tiny ghouls, goblins, witches, and zombies running around your house screaming looking for the next clue… and isn’t that what Halloween is all about? 

Some of these ideas require a quick trip to the store for items you don’t already own but can be a great option for entertaining your kids on Halloween when trick-or-treating isn’t on the menu. The activities may look different this year, but the spirit of the holiday is always with us.

Now that you have the inspiration, it’s time for you to run with it! This time of year is for expressing yourself and having a good time, just be sure to stay extra safe this year. 

🎃👻Happy Halloween👻🎃

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