How To Peel and Seed a Pomegranate

by / ⠀How-tos / October 22, 2013

Oh, pomegranates. You’re so lovely, so juicy, so delectably sweet without leaving that cloying aftertaste that lingers in my throat.

But you’re a pain to peel and seed.

I used to hack pomegranates in half then claw at the fleshy insides like a foraging raccoon before realizing this to be inefficient at best, completely creepy at worst. But there’s a better way. And it’ll only take you about five minutes.


1. Using a paring knife, carve out a small hole, about 1/2-inch, at the top (where the stem would be) and the bottom.

2. Score the sides from top to bottom (as you would an orange), about eight times. 

3. Using your hands, split the pomegranate in half. Gently peel away the tough, reddish exterior.

4. Add the pomegranate pieces to a large bowl of water. Using your fingertips, gently push away the pith from the seeds or arils, separating them. The pith will float to the top and the arils will float to the bottom. Simply skim off the pith, and drain the arils and serve!

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