How to Please All Palates with the Right Office Snacks

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Office work makes people hungry. Even if they aren’t lifting weights at their desks, employees need tons of energy to fuel their brains through busy days.

Snacks are the perfect remedy for the mid morning munchies or the afternoon blues. When employees have access to food, they can fuel up when they start to drag and get back to work feeling refreshed.

Not all office snacks are created equal, though. People don’t want to binge on junk at work — they want to enjoy real food.

Half of Americans in 2017 reported that they lived healthier lives last year than they did in 2016. While an obesity epidemic plagues the western world, Americans are fighting back with things like standing desks and smarter meal choices.

Unfortunately, many office workers aren’t winning those daily battles. One-third of Americans eat fast food at least once per day. It’s not that people prefer fast food to better food — modern workers simply don’t have time to shop for and prepare meals, let alone put together healthy snacks to bring to work.

That usually leaves office workers with unhealthy options from vending machines. Some people are fine with daily infusions of candy, but a growing segment of the population craves something better. Those people (and the companies for which they work) deserve smarter office snacks.

The Best Office Snacks for Everyone

Every office with more than a few people is filled with all sorts of different palates. Some people love spicy but hate sour. Others can’t stand the heat but love a dose of sugar before lunch.

Rather than force everyone to conform to a company-sanctioned taste profile, provide a variety of office snacks that fulfill all cravings (and work within all diets). Proteins for the keto advocates, veggies for the vegans, nuts for the gluten-haters — the right blend of office snacks pleases all.

If that sounds expensive, think again. NatureBox offers unlimited snack plans for businesses at super low prices.

As the resident experts in office snacks, we’ve learned a few things about what people like to eat (and what they don’t). Check out our three top tips on how to keep everyone in the office happy, healthy, and fed.

1. Don’t Rely on Replacement Foods

“Health food” gets a bad rap. Many people think of healthy snacks as worse versions of normal snacks, like tofu-flavored candy bars or whole grain Twinkies. While weird replacement options for traditional snacks do exist, we’ve found that people respond better to healthy snacks that don’t try to be something they’re not.

Take our crunchy BBQ twists, for instance. We kept all the ingredients that make for a tantalizing snack with a real crunch and a dusting of sweet and smoky bbq seasoning, but with half the fat of bbq potato chips. They’re among our most popular snacks not because they are a stand-in, but because they stand out.

2. Respond Quickly to Feedback

Ask people what they like and what they don’t, then adjust the snack offerings as needed. Actions speak for themselves, so head down to the break room at the end of each day to see which snacks were the least popular. If one option continues to stand out as the loser, replace it with something else.

Don’t get too hung up on providing a perfect mix of snacks. If all the dried fruits and nuts get snatched up quickly, but no one ever touches the heavier grains, cut back on grains or replace them entirely with the snacks people like. Rotate in different options at regular intervals and encourage people to provide feedback about what else they’d like to eat.

3. Don’t Impose a Diet on Anyone

The right blend of healthy office snacks provides something for everyone. However, some people will always prefer to eat junk food in the afternoon. Don’t ostracize them from the group. Instead, ask them if there are any options they’d like to see in the regular rotation and include those options if possible — even if they clash with the theme.

Office snacks are a great way to bring people together and make employees feel appreciated. However, give people a cheat day every now and then when they want it. A pizza party after a large project wraps up won’t wreck anyone’s diet, and when the party’s over, people will still appreciate the healthy options they enjoy every day.

Ready to please even the pickiest eaters in the office? Talk to us! Check out our unlimited office snack plans, browse our selections, and let us know how we can help.

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