How To Separate Eggs

by / ⠀How-tos / January 28, 2014

Sometimes, separating the egg yolk from the white is easier said than done.

Left shell, right shell, left shell, right shell. And then sometimes, you pierce the yolk, making that yellow goop run everywhere.

But there’s a better way to do this. All you need is an empty (and clean!) plastic water bottle. You know, the regular ol’ kind of water bottle you buy in bulk at the local grocery.

1. Crack egg(s) into a bowl. Or whatever dish you would like to maintain the egg whites in.

2. Squeeze the empty water bottle and place the mouth of the bottle right over the surface of the egg. (Pictured, above left.)

3. Slowly release pressure on the water bottle. As you release pressure, the yolk will get sucked up into the bottle! (Pictured, above middle.)

4. Voila! Egg yolk is successfully in the bottle. Squeeze the bottle again into a separate dish to get the yolk out.

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