How To Serve Kid-Friendly Fruits and Veggies

by / ⠀How-tos / October 8, 2013

Serving kids veggies in fun animal shapes and letting them help out with the plating is a great way to ensure they eat healthy and have fun while doing so. This idea is the perfect after-school snack, lunch or weekend project!


To make this little fishy, you will need the following:

  • Peanut Butter Sandwich cut into an oval (removing all crust).
  • Carrots, peeled and sliced into half circles.
  • A slice of cucumber sliced in half and one tiny slice of cucumber cut into a circle to form the eye socket.
  • Green leaf lettuce
  • Blueberries


1. Lay your sandwich in the middle of the plate and add the carrot slices to form the fish scales.

2. Arrange two semi-cirlce cucumber slices as the fish tail.

3. Add the eye socket and use half of a blueberry to make the eye. Use another blueberry to form the mouth if desired.

4. Lay down plenty of blueberries to form the ocean and add a few pieces of lettuce in between the blueberries to create kelp.

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