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by / ⠀NatureBox / July 10, 2012

Snack Freely
from the NatureBox editors

In honor of our favorite star-spangled holiday, this month we’re showing you how you can “Snack Freely” and feel good about it! From lighter snacks that you can graze on at picnics to hearty treats that will satiate and fuel you, healthy snacking is truly all about balance.

We’ll discuss the basics of intuitive eating and how to combat mindless snacking as well as share lighter snack ideas and recipes that you can indulge in greater quantities without the guilt. (Because sometimes you want to munch on a snack for the duration of an entire movie while a serving of almonds barely makes it through the previews)

P.S. You won’t find popcorn in this month’s NatureBox but you just might find some here on the blog- stay tuned!

As always, if you have questions for our team of nutritionists or ideas for things you want to see this month on the NatureBox blog, just leave us a comment!

Join our Summer Veggie Challenge!
We encourage you to pair July’s NatureBox snacks with a serving of vegetables each and every day. This will help your snacks last longer and will give you a great excuse to enjoy more of summer’s sensational produce.

Email, Tweet, share on our Facebook Wall or Instagram us a photo of your NatureBox + Veggie snack and tag #natureboxveggiechallenge. Every week, the person with the winning photo will win NatureBox snacks or cool NatureBox swag!

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