Mini Belgian Waffle S’mores

by / ⠀Desserts Happy Hacks NatureBox Snack Ideas / August 10, 2015

Happy National S’mores Day! Put a twist on the classic treat by using Mini Belgian Waffles for your s’mores.

We love our s’mores…and making them even more fun is always a treat! These are just like regular s’mores, but with a few changes. I use small dark chocolate squares, regular marshmallows, and of course…NatureBox’s Mini Belgian Waffles to hold the yumminess together. It’s like s’mores nirvana! So delicious. 

How do YOU s’more?

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Kristi Dominguez is a former event planner and part-time graphic designer. She blogs at where she tackles projects to turn her cookie-cutter home into something more exciting. A lot more exciting.

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