Corporate Snacking at Home or Office

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Snacking at home or in the office

With the CDC’s newly released COVID-19 Employer Information of Office Building guidelines, returning to the office will be a challenge for managers and employees alike. 

It starts with the commute to work. The recommendation for people to not carpool or congregate heavily on public transit is bound to make commutes longer and more hectic. Once you arrive at the office (which likely needs a new HVAC system), you need to prepare for a discrete thermometer check. Then when you enter the building, be sure to stay behind a mask and not meet in groups. Don’t forget there will be no communing when you get to the common areas. And by all means, don’t touch the coffee pot without gloves!

This all sounds so daunting. One thing that shouldn’t be? Snacks. That’s why I want to announce NatureBox’s new approach to corporate snacking: Corporate Snacking 3.0

Snack anywhere, anytime whether you are at home or in the office

With Snacking 3.0, we’re catering to this new normal with a focus on delivering customized, CDC-compliant snack boxes to everyone on your team… whether they’re in the office or at home. For those of you who do make it back to the office, the kitchen setups will look different going forward. You know and love NatureBox for our bulk snack options pre-pandemic, but right now, single-serve is safer for you and your team. So what can you expect? Single-serve and individual-serve kitchen setups rather than communal snacks. 

Your team deserves to have plenty of tasty snack options no matter if they are fully remote employees, in-office teams, or employees who work from home some days and in the office on others. That’s why we have an automated online system that allows each employee to pick their own snacks and choose if they want snacks delivered to their home office or their desk at the corporate office. We make it simple to get the snacks you and your team needs, without leaving your home or having to enter the office kitchen.

And let’s be honest. The new CDC guidelines are signaling a shift to our new normal – remote working. If you can work from home, you will (and your employer will want you too as well). By now most of us have grown accustomed to this new way of working and living at home. We’ve formed new habits in our new offices. And given that habits typically take at least 30 days to form, and we’ve had over three months to adjust, it doesn’t seem like this new way of working is going away anytime soon. 

While working from home has its perks – more family time, fewer distractions, no commute – two of the biggest drawbacks are the blurred lines between work and life and burnout. While Snacking 3.0 is about customized, CDC-compliant snacking whether you’re in the office or at home, it’s also about wellness. 

Our purpose is to develop and maintain wellness by creating high-quality, great-tasting snacks with functional benefits 

Snacks that taste great and deliver functional benefits

The wellness part of Snacking 3.0 is about preventing burnout and finding a new way to unplug and take breaks from our workday. Since the core of NatureBox’s mission is helping people live well, we have to ask the question: How can we take a break and truly bring our bodies and minds into balance? NatureBox’s answer is through delicious, functional snacks. 

We want to change snacking from an unconscious behavior that we do to soothe our bodies to a conscious behavior where we can step away from our work and have a snack with functional benefits – lower cortisol levels, more focus, less pain – bringing you back into balance. 

In the end, Snacking 3.0 is about being present when we snack, anytime anywhere. 

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