Busy Week Ahead? Here’s How to Refuel So You’re Ready to Take It On

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Picture this: You just got off a longer-than-anticipated phone call with your company’s sales team and you’re rushing to your next meeting down the hall (your coworker is anxiously waiting for you at the door, leash in mouth). You check your watch and realize it’s already 1 PM. You haven’t even eaten breakfast yet! Where has the day gone?!

When you get caught in this cycle of being so busy you feel like you can’t take a second to yourself, you end up so stressed out that your body can’t handle what you’re putting it through. The result? You get sick. You feel tired all the time. You lash out at others. You experience burnout. 

When was the last time you truly took a moment out of your workday to pause, tune in, and give your mind and body what it needs? If your answer isn’t “today” or “yesterday,” you’re in the right place. When you’re looking at a busy week ahead, here are 3 ways to refuel yourself so you’re ready to take it on, stress-free. 

Pause for a breath

Finding time to pause for a few minutes in the middle of busy days can seem impossible, but the benefits far outweigh any reason your brain comes up with to not do it. While one of two minutes out of your day is not a lot of time, the results can be extraordinary.

Did you know during a hectic day of work when you experience a lot of stress, there are physiological changes occurring naturally in your body? Your heart starts racing, your mouth gets dry, your blood pressure rises… This dates back to our caveman days, where our bodies went through these changes to protect us and keep us safe. While we no longer have to worry about a saber tooth tiger harming us, our body is naturally focused on our survival. This is why finding ways to manage this natural stress, like taking mindful breaks and deep breathes is so beneficial.

The author of “Living Mindfully” and “Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness,” Deborah Schoeberlein David, writes that just by “shifting your attention from whatever is going on to the act of taking a single purposeful breath can make a meaningful contribution to managing stress.” David is also adamant that pausing supports resilience, promotes health, and enhances quality of life. We couldn’t agree more.

Schedule in some me-time

When it comes to quality of life, what supports that more than taking some time for yourself, no matter how “busy” work or life gets.

In a recent webinar hosted by NatureBox, Roni Sternberg from Zoom mentioned how managers at the company block off employees’ calendars at noon every single day. That means no emails, no phone calls, no meetings. They get to do with that time what they want. 

What if you did this for yourself? What if you gave yourself the time to recharge your batteries. Maybe that means hitting the gym or sweating it out during a yoga session. Perhaps you take a quick cat nap after your hectic morning. Or maybe you decide to eat lunch outside in the nearby park with a book, leaving your phone at home.

Snack happy

Looking for some tasty treats to bring along on that lunch break in the park? Why not try a snack or two from NatureBox? We recommend some mixed nuts, a simple yet delicious bar, or one of our new wellness snacks with adaptogens.

At NatureBox, we believe in a world where snacks do more than just get you through your afternoon slump. We also want to transform snacking from a mindless activity to a mindful experience. We do that with our better for you snacks that promote wellness, reduce stress, and refuel you for a busy week ahead while still tasting delicious. Want to read more about our food philosophy and browse our favorite snacks that help us stress less? Head to NatureBox.com

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