Relief For The Front Lines of The Medical Community

by / ⠀NatureBox / April 20, 2020
NatureBox Snack Delivery to Frontline Heroes at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital

Frontline Heroes at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Grass Valley, CA. Photo courtesy of Lizary Jones

It’s safe to admit the world is out of balance right now. It went from people living on autopilot to a majority of people’s schedules and life’s changing in the blink of an eye because of the coronavirus. 

It’s no wonder morale is low and the mood anxious across the country. A lot of people are living under a cloud of uncertainty. People are looking for routine in the chaos and relief from the tension. 

The same goes for the medical community.

They face the brunt of this difficult situation. While the majority of the world is confined to their homes to limit the spread, hospital personnel and medical providers work tirelessly to keep everyone healthy. 

Ready for some good news after all that? There are still individuals offering encouragement and support while social distancing, experts recommending mindfulness to cope with stress, brands donating much-needed supplies, and people doing what they can to make things just a little bit better

Now is the time to come together to help keep everyone’s spirits high, especially the spirits of the healthcare workers on the front line. Turns out, food is an excellent way to do this. At NatureBox, we are trying our very best to support these frontline heroes in any way that we can.

How NatureBox is Doing Our Part

We are working with our customers to re-direct their shipments directly to the front line. When Boston Consulting Group heard about this, they jumped at the opportunity to donate the office snacks they paused to a local hospital in Pennsylvania to help. The firm decided to pass along its snack orders to doctors and nurses in need of a pick-me-up since their employees are now working from home.

We are also donating 5-pound bulk snacks to hospitals to help the frontline staff continue providing essential healthcare services to their patients. Additionally, we have connected with local food banks in the Bay Area to donate snacks from us and our customers who would like to participate. 

This global pandemic has put health at the forefront of everyone’s mind. So while NatureBox’s snacks are morale-boosting for medical providers and convenient for remote workers, they’re also better for you than traditional snacks. 

That’s because there are adaptogens in the snacks, which promote wellness from the inside out. They help you stress less and boost your immunity; perfect for those working day in and day out to keep everyone safe. Changing the way doctors and nurses snack – from an unconscious activity driven by stress to a mindful experience where the snacks actively work to lower stress in their body – is a great way to promote health.

Occhipinti says that for him, health is a mind-body connection: “It’s the connection between the heart and the head. ‘Is my blood pressure up due to stress? Is my body in balance as well as my thoughts?’ When those two things are working in sync, this is health.”

At a time like this, it’s important to focus on things that benefit the healthcare workers keeping everyone safe and healthy. Better for you snacks with adaptogens that help keep stress at bay and boost the morale of those on the front lines help do that.

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