Run to Win (a NatureBox, that is!)

by / ⠀NatureBox / August 18, 2012

from the NatureBox editors

Love running? Hate running, but do it anyways? Thinking about going for a run?

Some of our favorite running bloggers will really go the distance for NatureBox snacks (sorry for the bad pun!) and are giving you a chance to win some healthy snacks to fuel your next run.

Warning: these bloggers will definitely inspire you to get up off the couch this weekend!


Erika of MCM Mama is a NatureBox Ambassador who’s “Bringing out the Runner in Every Mama”- enter MCM Mama’s NatureBox giveaway.

Runwiki Lisa, a mom of 3 under the age of 6 is blogging about her “Strange Love Affair With Running” – enter Runwiki’s NatureBox giveaway.

Brian of Pavement Runner, a Bay Area running fanatic, shows you how he and his dog Mika are getting ready for Rio 2016. You won’t want to miss his video! – Enter Pavement Runner’s NatureBox giveaway.

That’s THREE opportunities to win September’s NatureBox, so get up and run over to their blogs to enter!

Get more healthy ideas and delicious snacks by joining NatureBox. Enter coupon code NATURE for 25% off your first month subscription!

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