Summer Squash Ribbon Salad

by / ⠀Recipes Salads / August 27, 2013

You know that bottle of fancy extra virgin olive oil you save for special occasions? Here’s your special occasion. This recipe is fresh, clean and simple – with minimal ingredients. And so, high quality ingredients is ideal. Serves: 2 Prep time: 15 minutes Ingredients: 20 NatureBox Lemon Pucker Pistachios, lightly…

Almond-Broccolini Salad

by / ⠀Recipes Salads / June 27, 2013

Think outside the box by using broccolini – or baby broccoli – as a base to your summer salad. With heart-healthy almonds, bright Zingy Currants and a pinch of salty Parmesan cheese, you’ll be craving the subtle sophistication of this dish every day! Serves: 6 Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 8…

Basil Chicken Penne Gratinee

by / ⠀Main dishes Recipes / May 30, 2013

“Gratinee” (or grah-tee-NAY) sure sounds fancy but you don’t have to feel intimidated by it. It’s a French culinary term for a dish that is served au gratin style —  topped with seasoned breadcrumbs and cheese and then baked. In this recipe, fresh basil, mushrooms, chicken and penne pasta come…


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