The ROI Of Corporate Gifts: Keep Clients Loyal and Elevate Your Sales

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Corporate gifting isn’t new, but it has changed since the pandemic occurred. According to a recent Coresight Research survey, 35% of respondents cited gifting more than usual since working remotely. Of those who have increased their gifting frequency, some 66% did so to keep their teams motivated and engaged while nearly 60% increased gifting to maintain connections with their clients.

One thing is abundantly clear: Corporate gifts are good for business. Here are 8 powerful reasons to consider sending corporate gifts to leads, clients, and employees alike.


1. To generate leads

Cut through the noise and rise above your competition with a personalized gift that shows a potential client you did your research. It’s a great way to make the email that follows stand out because you avoid a generic sales pitch that lands you in the spam folder.

Plus, who doesn’t love receiving a present?


2. To turn leads into clients

Businesses run on relationships. 

That’s why you can generate more than 2x as much revenue when you send a small gift at the beginning of negotiations. Just leave the company swag at home. A thoughtful and unique gift is 2.3x more effective at influencing a favorable action – like a lead becoming a client.

Here’s even more proof that corporate gifts are well worth it if you want to be persuasive, not pushy: “Gifting can motivate those who are not yet your customers to become one. In fact, 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences. Sending the right gift at the right time can be the motivator for prospects to take a desired action, such as completing a purchase, signing up for a service, or making a discovery call.”


3. To keep your business top-of-mind

If you have leads taking a while to commit or long-term clients you want to retain, curated gifts are the way to go.

In fact, when recipients note a business gift as memorable, ROI increases by 40%. Hard to argue with that.


4. To make clients feel appreciated

Everyone wants to feel valued, especially clients you’re already doing work with. Just because they’re paying you doesn’t mean you can set it and forget it.

A curated gift for a client just because builds a strong, long-lasting business relationship. That’s because, according to a retail study, consumers with an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value. 

A small token of appreciation goes a long way.


5. To increase client retention

That token of appreciation can also keep your clients coming back for more. A survey of B2B companies in Adobe ADBE’s 2020 Digital Trends Report disclosed that a 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by 25-95%.

Combat client churn with personalized gifts that show you care. And don’t stop with your clients…


6. To motivate your team

Treat your employees too!

A personalized, high-quality gift creates a feeling of being valued and fosters a sense of belonging to the team. You can see how well you’ve done this in the way your employees treat their role at your company and the service they provide to associates, clients, and leads.


7. To improve brand loyalty

Want to build stronger business relationships, which in turn, improves the perception of your company? Of course you do!

While revenue is important to prioritize as a company, so is your reputation. The key is to focus on humanizing your business, creating a positive image for your company, building relationships and goodwill, and improving brand recall. This is the catalyst to loyal clients and more sales. 

One thing to note: These aspects are influential in conversions, but they can’t always be measured directly.


8. To increase revenue

What can be measured? Sales.

While discounts and personalized emails are fun, they don’t deliver the same ROI. Build a business that lasts by opting to send physical gifts and enjoy the result – loyal clients and valued employees that lead to higher profits. A win-win.

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