Wellness in the Workforce: Top 5 Mental Health Service Providers For Your Employees

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2020 was a disruptive year for everyone in the workforce. The pandemic and resulting switch to remote work introduced new challenges which resulted in a loss of productivity and a surge in mental health symptoms like burnout, depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Managers had to get creative when it came to investing in the tools their team needed to be emotionally well at home and in the office. 

Now in 2021, the resources available to employees – remote or otherwise – are still lacking. This includes mental health resources. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

An investment in mental health services for your workforce has a positive impact on business. This includes lower health care costs, absenteeism, turnover, and higher productivity. You want your employees to be their best selves at work. That starts with empowering them to do the inner work required.

Whether they experience mild or severe symptoms, there are many options for your employees to choose from when it comes to mental health care such as medication, therapy, and counseling. Plus, with the advancements in on-demand, virtual options this can all be done on their smartphone from the comfort of their home.

Remind your employees to check the EAP or organization’s health plan to learn what’s available to them if they need support. If they want an alternative, consider one of these 5 mental health service providers designed with businesses in mind.


1. Lyra

According to a recent study in The Journal of Medical Internet Research, behavioral health coaching can be just as effective as clinical tele-mental healthcare services. If this is what your employees need, Lyra is a great option.

Lyra uses a quality-focused approach and evidence-based treatments to deliver life-changing care to your employees. From coaching, therapy, and mental wellness tools, 83% of its members experience reduced symptoms and improved functioning in all aspects of their lives.


2. Ginger

Support and stability during times of uncertainty is invaluable, especially for members of your team who need on-demand solutions to suit their needs. If your employees are looking for an alternative to a therapist, EAP, or their primary care provider, Ginger can help

Ginger offers text-based behavioral health coaching, video therapy, psychiatry sessions, and personalized skill-building activities. Its unique approach to mental health care for employees delivers a 4.2x return on investment. Join businesses like Kaiser Permanente, Sephora, and Pinterest when you choose Ginger as your organization’s behavioral health provider.


3. Talkspace

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to. In that case, a great mental health program available to your employees is Talkspace. What makes it different from other providers? The outcomes are proven to be effective at scale, which is important for managers of a large enterprise.

After 12 weeks, employees reported feeling more energized, productive, and engaged. This resulted in 50% less work hours missed, a 36% increase in productivity, and a 39% increase in work-life balance. If your organization is looking for clinical standards and evidence-based care for a variety of mental health needs, check out Talkspace.


4. BetterHelp

For your employees looking for lifestyle support, BetterHelp is a great option. What is it? It’s on-demand online therapy! Your employees can communicate with a professional via messaging, chat, phone, or video, which is perfect for remote teams or anyone with a busy schedule.

While BetterHelp’s network of licensed, board-certified providers can’t make official diagnoses or prescribe medication, they can help your employees work through what interferes with their happiness or prevents them from achieving their goals. 


5. Modern Health

If variety and choice is important when it comes to personal wellness, Modern Health is the way to go. It’s a personalized preventative mental health care platform specializing in value-based care with evidence-based techniques

Your employees can choose from hundreds of licensed therapists, certified coaches, and digital resources to help them learn the tools for mental wellness and resilience. Care is easily accessible, personalized, and culturally-centered, perfect for global businesses.

The average delay between mental health symptom onset and treatment is 11 years, but it’s time to change that statistic. Don’t wait until your employees are at their breaking point. Offer convenient, stress-free options that make it easy for them to seek help. Be proactive about your employee’s wellness and consider sharing these mental health service resources with your workforce. 

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