What Millennials Want in a CBD Snack

by / ⠀CBD Behind the Snack NatureBox / July 26, 2019

Pineapple CBD Chews

The CBD market is surging, and millennials are in the driver’s seat. In 2018, 41% of all social media posts about CBD came from millennials, and 88% of their posts were positive. Young people are eager about CBD snacks, but they care about more than just the CBD inside.

Like every generation, millennials’ values inform their buying habits. Whether it’s groceries, a laptop, or a new car, the purchases they make reflect their on-the-go, wellness-oriented preferences. But what are millennials’ must-haves when it comes to CBD snacks?

1. Natural

Young people care about what they put into their bodies. Over a third of millennials closely read the labels on all of their food products. CBD snacks need to have simple, identifiable ingredients if they’re to appeal to a generation that shuns everything and anything artificial.

We make our CBD gummies with real fruit, and we make sure to leave out any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. For the CBD itself, we use broad-spectrum extract, which keeps all of the cannabinoids other than THC during processing. We believe that it’s important to be transparent about what goes into our adaptogenic snack products, and our CBD snacks are no exception. 

2. Healthy

Bacon may be natural, but it’s far from healthy. That difference matters to millennials, which may be the most health-conscious generation in history. Fully 80% of them say that, despite the occasional indulgence, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet.

Though CBD has health benefits, lots of CBD-infused snacks can do dietary harm. Treat them like you would any other food: Are their carbs, fat, and calories justified by their nutrient contents? Products that contain the right dosage of CBD without sacrificing nutrition are the most likely to resonate with millennial consumers.

3. Portable

Travel matters to millennials in a big way: Three-quarters of them would rather spend money on a travel experience than on a physical product. The bottom line? Any CBD snack marketed to millennials needs to be mobile.

Smaller CBD snacks that don’t perish easily are easier to travel with than larger, quickly expiring foods. It’s also important to check whether they’re approved for air travel by the TSA. Use dark and resealable packaging to make proper storage a snap. 

4. Tasty

In at least one way, millennials want what other generations do from their CBD snacks: flavor. CBD oil has a distinctive taste that doesn’t always translate well to food. Some CBD snacks attempt to mask it with strong flavors like ginger, while others opt for complementary flavors.

Especially if you’re trying to reach first-time CBD users, naturally sweet or minty flavors are a smart bet. We’re big fans of tropical tastes like pineapple as well as combination flavors like watermelon-lemonade. 

5. Uplifting

Largely due to their healthy, on-the-go lifestyles, millennials aren’t interested in CBD products that slow them down. Although portability is part of that puzzle, millennials also like stimulating, low-carb snacks that won’t make them feel tired or full.

Although CBD-infused coffee is one option, not all young adults want to consume caffeine with their CBD. Foods like yogurt, coconut, and pumpkin seeds have mood-boosting benefits that make them prime candidates for CBD infusion. 

Just because millennials are hungry for CBD doesn’t mean they’ll compromise their values to buy it. Be sure your CBD snacks align with their lifestyle, or they’ll take their business to a brand that does. 

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