snackisfaction guaranteed
At NatureBox, we consider it a high honor to be invited into your home. That’s why we carefully source only the tastiest, full-flavored ingredients. In fact, we stand behind our foods with a 100% snackisfaction guarantee.
We’re proud of the deliciously distinctive variety we offer and we’re confident our foods will make you totally snack-happy.
our snacks
Got a dietary goal or taste preference? No problem.
We have 100+ unique NatureBox snacks to excite and delight every palate.
Our 60+ vegan snacks include dried fruits, nut mixes, and more.*
Sensitive to gluten? We have 60+ snacks that are not made with wheat, barley, rye or other gluten ingredients.
We have 60+ snacks made without soy ingredients.*
We have 55+ non-GMO snacks to choose from, with even more on the way!
If you don’t consume milk and milk products, we have 75+ snacks for you!*
We have 60+ snacks made without tree nuts, and we're working overtime to add more.
*Just keep in mind that all of our foods are processed and packed in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, milk, wheat, egg, and soy.
our product promise
Our snacks are nutritionist-approved and are made only from good, delicious ingredients.
You can trust NatureBox foods contain…
No high fructose corn syrup
Watching your sugar intake overall is smart, and this specific type of sugar, often found in highly processed foods, may be linked to health issues like type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and increased risk of heart disease.
0g trans fats and no partially hydrogenated oils
0g trans fats
No partially hydrogenated oils
Trans fats occur naturally in some meat and dairy products, but you should be mindful of the artificial versions often in foods with long shelf-lives (e.g. commercial baked goods). These can increase cholesterol and wreak havoc on our hearts.
No artificial colors
We never use artificial colors because the safety of foods containing these additives has been debated for many years.
No artificial sweeteners
Besides tasting funky, artificial sweeteners – which are at least 200 times sweeter than sugar! – amp up our sweet taste buds, which can increase our dependency on sweet foods.
No artificial flavors
We feel that our foods should be wholesome and contain only natural flavorings. After all, Mother Nature provides us with ample natural flavors.
Our team of nutritionists is passionate about making snacking part of a well-balanced diet. Melanie Niland, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, is all about eating a variety of foods that are nutritious, colorful and flavorful. Kat Brown, a Registered Dietitian and Yoga Instructor, blends sound nutrition advice and a love of good food to help people make decisions that make their bodies feel good. Together, they work to ensure that all NatureBox foods are up to their standards - so we can confidently say that everything is nutritionist-approved.
NatureBox foods are super tasty and deliciously fun. They even come in naturally easy, resealable bags to ensure maximum freshness and convenience.
We use only the tastiest, full-flavored ingredients so you can love everything about your snacks and feel great about them.