Snacks From Around The World Discovery Box

Bombay Curried Cashews

Have you ever opened up a menu at an Indian restaurant and felt overwhelmed by the myriad of sauces and dishes that are less familiar to you? Escape to India and invigorate your senses with smoky curried cashews. Expand your palate to new flavors and cuisines!

Dried Fancy Figs

Snack like a Sultan every time you bite into one of these Dried Fancy Figs (without having to overcome the jet lag). From the Greek Islands to a bustling Turkish bazaar, fresh and dried figs are a dessert plate staple in the Middle East and on the dazzling coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Far East Rice Crackers

If you love Asian flavors but don’t want to splurge on heavy sauces on a regular basis then you’ll love the tangy taste of rice crackers from the Far East. Bring a little bit of Asian flair to your snack time and enjoy the satisfying crunch of crispy rice crackers and sweet peas.

Mexicana Mango

It’s always mango season in Mexico, where the subtropical climate allows for this fruit to flower all year long. If you’ve never tried a mango before, we’d describe the flavor as a combination of nectarine, pineapple, and orange. Or Mexicana Mango lets you taste the tropics and still enjoy all of the nutrients of the fresh and juicy fruit.

Maui Onion Crunch

Aloha from the islands of Hawaii! If cutting an onion makes you sniffle, make like the Hawaiians and instead try a sweet variety, such as the Maui Onion. These almond crunchiesare a perfect balance of sweet and savory and will immediately transport you to island time as soon as you open the bag.