Revolutionize snacking with us!

NatureBox is on a mission to make discovering bold, delicious foods easier by empowering consumers with direct access to better choices and a dynamic, personalized experience.
We started NatureBox in 2012 with just two people and big dreams. Today we’re a team that’s almost 100 strong and are one of America’s fastest-growing food companies.
But really, we’re just getting started. Hungry to join us?

Company values


We believe in having bold, honest conversations because collaboration is not the same thing as consensus. In order to continue to drive the business forward and advocate for our customers, we must challenge the status quo, ask provocative questions, and embrace uncomfortable conversations.


Nobody likes unnecessary complications: not our teammates, not our customers. We seek to prioritize, focus, and simplify everything we do—from an internal process, to customer communication, all the way down to our final products—refining as we go to maximize opportunity, effectiveness, and customer experience.


Be Flexible. Adapt. Evolve. Stay curious. Our customers aren’t standing still, so we can’t either. As a company of entrepreneurs we thrive on testing new things—learning quickly as we go. Every risk we take, whether it works or not, informs our process and makes us smarter. To continue to grow and scale, we hold each other accountable to have impact and deliver results.


We are all here to make an impact. We also recognize that no single person can scale the business alone, so we will continue to grow and develop a winning team. We celebrate individual impact because every step forward brings us closer to our vision.